ILA is honored to present our state approved 75-hour Advanced Laser Aesthetic Course Nevada, which was instituted to provide licensure to Nevada based estheticians and laser professionals who wish to provide the public with aesthetic laser-based procedures.

This advanced training program will be hosted by Dr. Raj Singh, MD and Lorenzo Kunze, II CLS/MLS and is designed to provide an educational experience that promotes growth while also recognizing our fellow clinic owners’ and technician’s demanding work schedule. Dr. Raj and Lorenzo are both highly regarded industry leaders, educators, and business owners who share a combined 40+ years of laser aesthetic experience.

In 2022, the Nevada Board of Cosmetology passed SB291requiring all current and forthcoming estheticians to be licensed by the state in order to continue practicing or be grandfathered into the industry before the expiry date of October 2023.

*This state licensed training course is not limited to estheticians, but also open to any cosmetologist, dermatologist, RN, PA, or state licensed MD who would like to further develop their clinical practices.

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    Advanced Laser Aesthetic Course Nevada Course Description

    ILA’s 75-hour state approved Advanced Laser Aesthetic Course Nevada will provide advanced training for state licensed estheticians looking to be grandfathered in before the regulatory deadline expires in October 2023.

    ILA is offering a convenient course schedule and curriculum that caters specifically to experienced professionals who are looking to transform this hurdle into an opportunity to improve, evolve, and progress in their career, while also taking into account the busy schedules of clinic owners and their employees.

    In order to provide a more productive learning environment we will host smaller class sizes that will combine interactive didactic instruction, guest speakers, and a wide variety of live model hands-on training. During the online didactic classroom portion, we will thoroughly explore laser physics, protocol development, dermal biology, application practices, customer relations, client retention, medical history analysis, laser safety, and advanced pre/post treatment protocols.

    Our in-clinic hands-on program presented by Dr. Singh and Lorenzo Kunze CLS/MLS, will give students the opportunity to practice with a wide variety of devices on live models and is intended to expose experienced technicians to a broad range of treatment variables and new/advanced practices for the real-world in-clinic experiences we face daily.

    Course Details

    International Laser Academy

    75- Hour Comprehensive Licensing Course (NEVADA)

    Course Schedule

    7 Days In-Clinic / 4 Days Online


    $4,500 Per Student*

    *$450 discount to students who enroll before January 1st 2023
    *Private Staff Training & Group Discounts Available)

    Thanks to Lorenzo I learned so much during his online training because I live in South America. Being from Argentina and speaking limited english I was woried about not understanding, but Lorenzo took the time to go over every detail and make sure I understad everything. It was great learning from his many years of expirence. I very much recommend taking this class. Lorenzo went out of his way to make sure everything was taken care of even from the US. Thank you Lorenzo I cant wait to visit you in NY.



    About Us

    With our team of industry experts, guest speakers, and advanced equipment, ILA is fully equipped to educate, coach, and certify students from all educational and/or employment backgrounds. Our smaller class sizes and attention to detail is what sets us apart from larger programs that do not have the time or industry experience to help a student fully progress. It’s our goal to educate, assist, and improve; not just go through the motions of licensing! 

    Lorenzo Kunnze III iLaser Academy

    As owner and the lead instructor of The International Laser Academy, Lorenzo Kunze II, CLS/MLS has devoted 22 years to the laser aesthetic field, while hosting laser certification courses all over the world. Cementing himself as one of the preeminent and most trusted laser educators in the industry. While working as a primary consultant for some of the top laser experts and manufacturers in the field, he has designed a number of highly efficient treatment protocols for 25+ medical lasing devices and is well known for many of the common practices used widely throughout the field. Ask around and you won’t have to look far to find a clinic owner or technician who he hasn’t helped to improve their business…

    Dr. Raj Singh Las Vegas

    Dr. Singh is the owner and lead physician at Healor Primary Care and Seven Hearts Med Spa in Las Vegas, NV, where they utilize a wide range of advanced technologies and methods to deliver their patients access to highly effective health and esthetic solutions. Dr. Singh has an extensive career and reputation in medicine and advanced laser aesthetics. “Raj” as everyone calls him has been honorably recognized as one of the top 100 physicians in Nevada and has earned several advanced medical degrees in the field of nephrology, all while serving as an assistant professor for the University of Las Vegas School of Medicine and an adjunct professor at the Touro University of Nevada. His passion for knowledge and welcoming presence allows students to be free to learn in an extremally positive environment.